Verrency Named Finalist for Two Awards at Fintech Australia’s 2020 Finnie’s Awards

Global payments innovation company Verrency has been named a finalist in two categories at the prestigious Finnie Awards 2020 by Fintech Australia. The two categories are:

  • Excellence in Payments (including Remittance/FX)
  • Excellence in Establishing Market Presence: Global

The annual awards recognise and reward the community by honouring innovation, growth and collaboration within fintech in Australia. The 2020 Finnie Awards winners will be announced on Wednesday, 28 October 2020.

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Verrency at FinTech 2021: Trends and Outlook 2020: 2-5 November

According to a recent Gartner report, only 12% of financial services organizations are mature in their digital transformations and fall into the category of a “Digital Transformer.” But many financial institutions are striving to join these ranks through innovative growth strategies and adoption of disruptive tech like AI, blockchain, and advanced analytics. Discover the trends and technologies that are helping shape and transform the financial services industry as we approach 2021.