The connections we enable—are we a fit for you?

Authorisation requests

Who it’s for:

Companies with innovative solutions that create an approval or decline of a transaction, like geolocation providers, fraud detection platforms and anti-money laundering scanning services.

How it works:

During the authorisation stage of processing a payment, your service will be passed the full transaction details and card holder identifier and you will return an Authorisation/Rejection, Reason information and Audit codes.

Enabling spend with points and stored-value wallet products

Who it’s for:

Providers of loyalty points, stored value digital wallets and gift-cards — anything that could be monetized to pay for a purchase. Verrency doesn’t insert itself into the funds flow – we are a technical enabler for the financial institution to more easily work with you as a service partner

How it works:

We call your platform with transaction details to determine if it can be fully (or partially) funded from your wallet. We support campaigns for different levels of conversion and preferential conversion rates for specific merchants. We then provide settlement files at the end of each day, which include cardholder details and spending insights.

Offer loading

Who it’s for

Loyalty management platforms, loyalty program managers, ad traffickers and other providers of merchant offers who want to drive customer behaviour without the expense of issuing physical coupons or integrating with POS terminals.

How it works

Offers are loaded into our platform via API and can target all (or a specific class of) cardholders. Discounts are applied to accounts in real time, with settlement details along with offer utilisation details provided at the end of each day.

Round-up partnership registration

Who it’s for

Charities wanting to support micro-donations and providers of passive and low-entry cost-savings and investment products.

How it works

Register the details of your charity or investment platform to serve as a destination for bank customers’ transaction round-ups. For savings and investment products, the bank’s customer links their Verrency and investment accounts and sets the level of donation or saving within their bank’s mobile app. Each week, transfers will be made to your bank account with customer data and insights.

Data visibility

Who’s it for

Providers of budgeting, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing platforms who can benefit from real-time visibility of all spending data—without blocking or changing immediate behaviour.

How it works

We provide data via either Kafka streams or an outbound API, with transaction details from customers who have opted to share their data with you. Combined with our immediate offer loading, this enables instant response to a transaction with a new, customised offer presented for redemption to a consumer.

Getting started with Verrency

Step 1: Get in touch

Above are the categories we currently work with. If you’re not sure you fit, we can advise.

Step 2: Sign up

Once we’re connected, arrange a test sandbox connection and start testing together.

Step 3: Leverage Verrency

Connect directly with our clients’ payment platforms and increase your reach.

This is a no-risk option. There are no fees or charges or exclusivity agreements, only additional distribution points for your firm. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are where you are—global fintech hubs

How it works

Verrency enables you to bring your capabilities—white-labeled—through one integration point to a bank’s existing technology stack. Engagement happens at the transaction level in real time. API capabilities are passed to the bank’s mobile, web and customer service applications. We streamline the connection process to bank partners and help you accelerate your growth.