Payments FinTech Verrency bolsters US team with Kennedy appointment

Australian global payments provider Verrency has expanded its US team, appointing highly credentialed payments specialist Michael Kennedy to its advisory board. Kennedy’s appointment follows the announcement earlier this year of Joe Lynam as Managing Director in the US and Audrey Blackmon as Senior Vice-President of Business Development.

Kennedy is based in San Francisco and comes with an esteemed corporate background, having held the position of Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo and being founder and former CEO of his start-up clearXchange (now Zelle).

Verrency Group Chairman and CEO David Link said the appointment of Kennedy will further enhance the company’s ability to fast-track its growth in the US, as well as to support its growing FinTech partnerships as an open API platform.

“Mike comes with the rare experience of having successfully developed and grown a Tier 1 ‘bank-enabling’ start-up, as well as having deep knowledge in the payments space,” Link said.

“Additionally, his passion for innovation and for helping lift the FinTech community – exactly what drives Verrency – is what first brought us together with Mike a number of years ago.”

“Verrency is one of the most unique companies that I’ve seen in a long time. Their focus on bringing curated payment services to banks via a single connection as an API platform is brilliant – and solves a problem plaguing both banks and many different FinTech companies. I’m honoured to be joining their already impressive team,” Kennedy said.

Verrency is a new provider on the global scene enabling card issuers, merchant issuers and processors to deliver the latest payment capabilities and curated FinTech services quickly and cost effectively through their existing payment networks.

In January, Verrency took up a coveted position at Austrade’s Landing Pad cohort in San Francisco and announced its US leadership team. “Whilst we are an Australian company and continue to grow in this region, the US is a major focus for us in terms of scaling the business,” noted Link.

About Verrency

Verrency provides world-leading enterprise-grade payments services for card issuers, merchant issuers, processors, and other digital financial services institutions. Verrency is a scheme-agnostic, white-label, “payments-innovation-as-a-service” open-API platform that helps card issuers acquire new customers and increase their share-of-wallet of existing customers while also significantly increasing security, control, and IoT connectibility. Verrency works behind-the-scenes – enabling everything from 2nd

generation payments controls to aggregation to loyalty/ rewards spend to digital currency spend – quickly and easily with no change to existing payments rails, connections, or point-of-sale terminals. Verrency also enables rapid connection to 3rd party fintech services with little to no integration.

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