Social media donation platform Goodworld partners with payments innovator Verrency to increase charitable giving worldwide by enabling consumers to donate while they spend

Social payments charity platform Goodworld and Australian payments innovator Verrency announced a partnership today to bring a charitable component to everyday financial transactions around the globe.

The partnership will combine Goodworld’s service with Verrency’s banking payment services to create a new Corporate Social Responsibility offering aimed at major banks.

The joint offering will enable bank’s customers to ‘set and forget’ a ‘round-up’ of their debit and credit card transactions to the nearest selected amount (i.e., $1, $5 etc) and to donate the ‘round-up’ amount directly to their preferred charity. Customers then receive real-time reinforcement via mobile notifications from their bank’s mobile app of their donation, along with regular updates of their total donations. They can also instantly post about their donated totals via social media.

The joint service will be launched globally in stages, and will be initially available in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

David Link, Verrency Founder & CEO said: “Goodworld is all about making donations seamless via social media. Together, we realised that we could significantly increase the amount of charitable donations by extending Goodworld’s services to banks.”

“An average US consumer who rounds up their card transactions will donate between $150-$1500 per year to charity. This will have a significant impact on charitable giving while also enabling banks to do some real good for the world, their customers and their brand – all at the same time. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the Goodworld platform, service and leadership and are pleased to be able to take their service out to banks.”

Dale Nirvani Pfeifer, Goodworld Founder & CEO said: “We’re really excited about this partnership with Verrency, whose platform enables a bank to easily access multiple real-time innovations – such as Goodworld – via one frictionless, secure connection.”

“Our goal at Goodworld has always been to make giving more a part of people’s everyday lives, and this partnership is a great step closer to making that a reality. This offering will showcase what we’ve always known at Goodworld – that anyone can be a philanthropist. Even a roundup of a few cents makes a huge difference when people come together to give.”

A D.C.-based fintech, Goodworld enables users to instantly remit – and organizations to instantly receive – money right inside their social media feed with just a comment, tweet or click. Donors receive an immediate reply on Facebook or Twitter from the charity, as well as a customized receipt, as their credit or debit card is charged and the money is sent by Automated Clearing House to the charity or merchant bank account.
Based in Australia, global payments platform and fintech marketplace Verrency enables banks to rapidly implement new real-time payment services like Goodworld, without replacing their existing payments infrastructure or undergoing complex technical integration.

About Goodworld
DC-based GoodWorld is the fintech company fueling social payments and philanthropy. The
company’s #donate technology makes it possible to give instantly to the causes people care most about, at the moment of inspiration. As the pioneer of hashtag donations, GoodWorld lets anyone—
individuals, businesses, influencers and more—easily add a charitable component to their social network and turn giving into a fast, fun, and interactive experience. Launched in 2015, GoodWorld was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2016 and D.C.’s Best Technology Startup. Visit or follow @goodworld on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

About Verrency
Verrency provides world-leading enterprise-grade payments services for card issuers, merchant issuers, processors, and other digital financial services institutions. Verrency is a scheme-agnostic, white-label, real-time, “payments-innovation-as-a-service” curated-API & blockchain-linked platform and fintech marketplace that helps card issuers acquire new customers and increase their share-of-wallet of existing customers, while also significantly increasing security, control, and IoT connectibility. Verrency works behind-the-scenes – enabling 3rd party fintech services, native services, and bank-built services to be quickly and easily implemented without replacing a bank’s existing payments infrastructure. Visit or follow @verrency on LinkedIn or Twitter for more information.

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