A modern distributed platform, with proven performance capabilities

With a fully automated environment build, code deployment and automated high volume testing, we ensure that our code is high quality, our infrastructure sound and our performance world‐class. Further, our automated production deployment process ensures no manual errors in deployment to impact customers.

Designed for resilience and capacity

Our distributed architecture gives high levels of resilience catering for the loss of any part of our infrastructure, including whole data centres, without customer impact. Combined with our ability to dynamically scale the environment to support peak loads, we ensure that your customers will be purchasing quickly, and successfully, even on the busiest shopping days.

About technology at Verrency

From our recruitment process, where we take applications via a GraphQL endpoint, to our completely automated build and deployment regime, we approach problems using a different perspective. If you want to understand more about our distributed architecture and what can be achieved when you design for scale—starting from a blank sheet of paper, watch this video of our CTO talking at Melbourne Distributed.