Verrency emphasizes commitment to Fintech partners with new partnership arm and leadership appointments

Australian global payments platform Verrency has appointed two experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to drive its partnership strategy to ensure fintech partners and financial institutions get the best value from the API platform.

Eddie Wilson and AJ Milne have been named to lead V+, the official partnership arm of Verrency.

V+ is designed to leverage Verrency’s behind-the-scenes, enterprise-grade, curated-API platform to generate opportunities for payment-enabled Fintechs around the world. While Verrency has already begun signing up Fintech partners over the last few months, these appointments demonstrate Verrency’s clear commitment to bringing the best of Fintechs to financial institutions.

Wilson has been immersed in the emerging business community for many years. This includes working as an Investment Director with CVC; as an entrepreneur (having launched, run and exited a consumer electronics/software venture); and as an advisor, board member and shareholder of numerous tech ventures. Most recently, Wilson originated, designed and led the Corporate Venture division for Havas in Australia.

Milne has a 10-year background as an entrepreneur and investor. He has worked with multiple businesses, facilitating their capital requirements, product development and helping develop their executive management teams.

Verrency Group Chairman and CEO David Link says the launch of V+ is an exciting development for Verrency.

“We are thrilled to bring Eddie and AJ onto our team. Given their background in venture capital, corporate partnerships and direct entrepreneurial endeavours, they bring a fresh dynamic and acute ability to find and connect the best Fintechs and other financial service partners to the Verrency platform. This will enable Verrency to bring even more value to the financial institutions we serve.”

Wilson will join Verrency’s senior management team and be responsible for V+’s strategic growth both locally and globally.

“We have been assessing growth stage business opportunities for a number of years. Rarely do you find a platform that solves such a clear problem in the market (i.e., the banks’ inability to innovate due to old and siloed legacy payment infrastructure), mixed with an impressive management team. The unique power of our fintech partnership strategy lies in Verrency’s ability to integrate fintech partners and provide distribution at enterprise scale.”

As part of their outreach, V+ will be able to utilise the global Fintech hubs Verrency has been accepted into, including Stone and Chalk in Sydney and Level39 in London. It is also part of AusTrade’s Landing Pad in San Francisco.

About Verrency

Verrency provides world-leading enterprise-grade payments services for card issuers, merchant issuers, processors, and other digital financial services institutions. Verrency is a scheme-agnostic, white-label, “payments-innovation-as-a-service” open-API platform that helps card issuers acquire new customers and increase their share-of-wallet of existing customers while also significantly increasing security, control, and IoT connectibility. Verrency works behind-the-scenes – enabling everything from 2nd generation payments controls to aggregation to loyalty/ rewards spend to digital currency spend – quickly and easily with no change to existing payments rails, connections, or point-of-sale terminals. Verrency also enables rapid connection to 3rd party fintech services with little to no integration.

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